Julie Garland McLellan selected to judge entries in Global eBook Awards

August 2011

eBooks are gaining popularity and now outsell physical books on Amazon.com. The worldwide success of the eBook has been attributed to many factors: ease of publication, low cost, instant delivery worldwide, interactive content, and ease of updating are just a few of the more frequently mentioned benefits.

Up until now the eBook has not had its own awards. Readers have been operating in a 'buy before you try' marketplace with a large number of unfamiliar new authors and publishers joining the offerings of established book producers to create a plethora of information and entertainment solutions. That all changed when Publishing Poynters released the Global eBook Awards.

Australia's Julie Garland McLellan, an internationally acclaimed expert on corporate governance and the author of four books, has been selected as one of the panel of judges in the 'Best Business Book' category.

"It is a great honour to be charged with choosing the finalists and winners from the wide and high quality range of contestants," said Ms Garland McLellan. "I am enjoying reading my allotted share of the titles and interacting with my fellow judges."

"My own books sell in Kindle edition and I frequently read eBooks because I value the ability to carry several large books in one small device. With some five years of experience professionally reviewing books I have had the pleasure of reviewing both eBooks and their printed counterparts. This is the first time I have faced the rigour of judging in an international book competition and I am thrilled to be a part of such an exciting enterprise."

For more information contact:

Joseph Dowdy, Awards Director, Global eBook Awards