Julie Garland McLellan to Present in Washinton DC

July 2010

Corporate governance consultant Julie Garland McLellan will present on digital directorship at the National Association of Corporate Directors' annual conference in Washington DC.

Her presentation will consider aspects of internet technology and the way in which they impact on the role of the Board and directors.

"Converging internet and communications technologies affect boards in many ways and directors need to understand how the latest technology developments will allow the company to gain a strategic advantage in its operations or marketing, allow the Board to operate more effectively, and provide opportunities to enhance their own personal effectiveness," she says.

The National Association of Corporate Directors holds the NACD Corporate Governance Conference annually, to inform, engage and empower directors to make the decisions that are right, that are just, and that are principled. The venue for this year's conference is in beautiful Washington DC and the agenda features leading governance practitioners and authorities from around the world.

Julie Garland McLellan is a professional company director and a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. She currently serves on the boards of Bounty Mining, Kimbriki Environmental Enterprises, the Australian Institute of Company Directors' NSW Council, and the Industry Research & Development Board of Australia's Engineering and Manufacturing Committee.

Julie has served on the global advisory board of Approva Corporation and, since 2003, has experienced board meetings in cyberspace. Julie is the author of Dilemmas, Dilemmas; a book of practical case studies for company directors and All Above Board; a governance manual for directors on government owned corporation boards.

"The value of this presentation is that it will be based on practical, real life situations in which the delegates will have enough experience to be able to talk about these issues," says Julie. "The case study approach is extremely engaging, and I'm looking forward to guiding a very rich discussion.

For more information on programs delivered by Julie in Australia, two outstanding governance mentor programs are:

  • The Board Excellence Program designed for the benefit of an active director and provides a safe forum for a self-directed investigation of the routes to performance improvement and the enhancement of governance abilities. It allows an individual to access current ideas about best practice and discuss personal and organisational issues with a specialist mentor.
  • The Board Readiness Program is for the benefit of a future director and is a confidential coaching and mentoring program that covers all aspects of developing a career as a company director. It includes modules on setting goals, networking, director's CVs, work environment preferences, due diligence, and progressing one's board career by targeting appropriate companies.

Julie's prior experience includes directorships at Hats Holdings, Melbourne Water, VEN Corp, City West Water, Victorian Minerals and Energy Council, Hassall & Associate, Melbourne University Engineering Foundation, Gamesa Energy Australia, and the Victorian Chamber of Mines.