Digital Governance Workshop

The increasing trend to online interaction has created many opportunities for companies to serve new clients in different ways, to engage with staff, shareholders and stakeholders, and to manage their own internal operations more effectively. It has also generated new risks that can threaten the survival of organisations by annulling previously inviolable strategic advantages and generating new sources of fraud, intellectual property theft, security breaches, or poaching of staff.

This workshop focuses upon the effects of digital technologies on real world businesses. It provides directors with the ability to govern confidently by assessing the possible impacts technology may have upon business models, board operations and individual directors.

This is a practical 'hands on' workshop that provides an insight into the potential of digital media for e-governance. It includes a virtual tour of cyberspace visiting all the most frequently mentioned sites and providing an overview of their capabilities.

The workshop is conducted in small groups and is suitable for directors with little (or no) experience in interactive internet technology as well as for those with a sound grasp of the basics and a desire to enhance their knowledge by insights into the ways in which other Boards are using the technology.

Confidential 'one-on-one' sessions are also available for directors who wish to proceed at their own pace rather than as part of a group.